2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Sport Wagon

Bought new December31, 2005. From the dealership it came with an Auto-dimming rear-view mirror with a compass and a center armrest extension. The original black WRX embroidered floor mats were “lost” (or so the dealer guy said) so instead I got some gray floor mats from the standard Impreza model which I kinda like better than all black anyway. Upon pick-up the installed radio/CD player didn’t work for CDs so I had it replaced before a trip to Tahoe. Break-in was spent driving to and from Tahoe.

First mod was a ScoobySport centre-pipe and rear box bought from Hayward and Scott direct from England. Total cost was $800 or so but it was definitely worth it. That legendary boxer exhaust tone finally had a proper outlet, even if it was hindered by the stock uppipe, downpipe, and third-cat.

I’ve also gotten away from the stock Bridgestone tires as soon as possible, in this case from a flat tire. Tires were changed to , Ultra High Performance All-Season tires. They handle dry, snow, and wet well but don’t cut it for extended track time. The first set lasted about 40,000 miles and I’m onto the second set right now.

Next mod for a long time is an OEM 20mm rear sway-bar. It came from SubaruGenuineParts.com and it fit well except for one of the hangers didn’t quite fit so I had to notch the bracket and slide it on the already seated bolt. Three millimeters of thickness have completely changed how the car has handled, it not longer pushes into turns but rather pivots. Lift-throttle over-steer is quick and it’ll turn and grab under power.

With better tires and a bigger sway-bar the car handles the way it should have from the factory. All that was left was more power, which didn’t come until much later. More to come!


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